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Why do companies really hire  a consultant?  Simply speaking they want a consultant to provide the following needs and wants:

  • cost management (Negotiator)
  • more horsepower (Turbocharger)
  • specialized skills not in-house (Pinchhitter)
  • fresh set of eyes (Muse)
  • emotional and political buffer (Scapegoat)

I can and have played the above roles for my clients.  A simple call from you (Doug Bates (214) 207-5060), and I can go into more detail on how  I will customize my services based on your specific needs and wants. However, if you want a real boost I highly recommend the following TOP 3 SERVICES for your consideration.

  1. Mobile App Development - GOAL: personalize your "Brand " on  the cell phones of your customers in just 3-4 weeks. 
  2. Optimize Supply Chain - GOAL:  immediate cost reductions and build foundational core of Cost Management, Continuity of Supply, Brand Protection, and Food Safety.
  3. Concept Evaluation - GOAL: make your concept efficient and effective in the short and long run by evaluating menu, staff attitude, management attitude and motivation, financials, point of difference, feel, marketing, ambience, location, price value, service, compassionate leadership, product quality, etc.
  4. Menu Engineering -  GOAL: increase profitability per guest by evaluating the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence the placement of these items on a menu


"I was very impressed by Doug’s ability to develop and champion fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.  These ideas generated positive and measurable results in terms of sales increases and cost savings."   - Norman Brinker, former Chairman Emeritus, Brinker International

Coming Soon

In the next few months I will be adding stand alone products in Microsoft formats that you can purchase.  To name a few: menu engineering, supply chain RFPs, supply chain report card, etc.   Stay tuned.

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